How To Implement Fleet Maintenance Software (And Get Everyone On Board)

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The idea of using fleet maintenance software may be new to you and your business, but don’t let that intimidate you from getting started. We have worked with multiple companies to get Fleet Command up and running, in our experience, businesses fall into one of 2 categories: 

  1. Dive in head first with everyone on board
  2. Ease into things starting with mechanics and then adding drivers when the time is right

Jumping right in

Fleet command is like a set of magic keys. You can share these keys with your drivers and mechanics, and they will be empowered to use them in the way that best suits their needs. Fleet Command is easy to use and intuitive for anyone who has used any other popular mobile app, like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. 

Some customers give the app to drivers and mechanics and get them all started at once. Usually, this works well for when there are 10 or fewer drivers. No training necessary. Drivers and mechanics download the app and get to work. 

Like to take things slowly?

Sometimes it's best to start slow. Groups with more people often like to ease into things. The first few weeks might only include the team members who are most comfortable with new technology - or maybe just the mechanics enter everything. After 3-4 weeks, drivers are given access. Sometimes, all are setup at once while others give the app to the most technical drivers first. Occasionally, customers never go this far and leave everything in the hands of the mechanics.

You're on your way to fewer headaches

Taking your fleet from paper to digital can be a daunting task. We hope to take some of the fear out of the unknown and help alleviate any hesitation to improve your fleet's efficiency. Implementing a fleet maintenance system doesn't have to be difficult. There isn't one right way to get started, but we are always here to help.