Whiteboards Suck

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Look familiar? It shouldn't.

Every shop I've walked into has a whiteboard. Many even have some information on repairs or vehicle mileage on them. You know, the places where everything isn't in someone's head or random pieces of paper. Whiteboards are full of disorganized information. Crammed into a space that isn't able to contain the details of what needs to get done. Sometimes, you can read the writing. Sometimes, you can't.


This picture was taken a week after the very first Fleet Command customer implemented the first version of the mobile app - which was clunkier than what is out there today. A week earlier, this whiteboard had no room to spare. I assumed it was a slow week in the shop. I was wrong. EVERYTHING was going into the app. Drivers were submitting issues. Mechanics were tracking them. I hadn't even shown anyone a single feature. The team just dove in head first and got to work.

This is what Fleet Command will do for your service shop. I hope you give it a try and see how much of a difference it can make. The software is ready to go, just sign up, get the mobile apps and get started today.