Why you need to digitize your maintenance and repair paperwork today

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Reduce stress

In the past, you have relied on memory, random scraps of paper and chicken scratch on a whiteboard to make sure that trucks are serviced on time. While this may be an effective method when you have a small fleet with a few trucks, it becomes increasingly difficult as your fleet continues to grow.

Furthermore, as your business grows and you hire more people to manage your fleet, it becomes easy for information about maintenance and repairs to get lost or miscommunicated between employees.

However, if you digitize all of your paperwork into a system that can be accessed by anyone at any time, then no one has to rely on memory alone. All of your maintenance records will be updated in real-time and can be accessed by anyone who needs them.

This means that everyone will be able to see what the status of each truck--whether it's being serviced or still sitting in the shop waiting for parts because they're not available.

Not only does this allow you to keep track of all of your trucks at any given time, but it also allows the mechanics working on them to communicate with each other without having to send multiple messages back and forth.

Track costs

Keeping track of your fleet's maintenance schedule can help you: reduce downtime and costs, improve efficiency, save on expenses, track costs and make better decisions. Software like Fleet Command allows you to keep accurate records and track your entire fleet from anywhere.

Audit trail

Audit trail. The term sounds scary and formal, but it’s a simple concept that everyone can understand: When you have an audit trail, you know where all your documents are (or at least where they were or should be), who has access to them and what they did with them.

So what does this mean in the context of maintenance and repair?

When you keep your records digitally, you can easily answer questions like: Who did the work? When was it done? Why was it done? 

You’ll also have the ability to print hard copies of work orders as well as reports that cover entire vehicle histories.

Stop wasting time.

Your life is busy. You don’t have time to waste. You shouldn’t be wasting your money on inefficiencies, either. You shouldn’t be wasting effort or resources when they could be better used elsewhere. And your business doesn’t need to be wasting paper, energy, or space on holding onto all these maintenance and repair reports.

You can digitize your records and start saving yourself a lot of hassle right now. It takes just minutes to get started with our free trial—no credit card required!