How to Keep Your Truck Maintenance and Repair Processes on Track

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Do you want to keep your truck maintenance and repair processes on track?

You’re not alone. Keeping track of your fleet, whether it’s trucks, heavy equipment or other vehicles, can be difficult. But Fleet Command is here to help. We offer a range of benefits designed to make it easier for trucking companies, shop managers and mechanics to keep everything in order.

Our most popular features include:

  • Submit work orders online, by phone or web so they are easily accessible by technicians and other staff members.
  • Repair management so that all repairs are logged in one place and there are no duplications or errors. This helps keep costs down and ensures everything is done correctly the first time around.
  • Take pictures of truck and equipment damage to better explain issues. Our app makes it easy to take photos on your phone while you're out on the road!
  • Digital vehicle history reports are always ready when needed without having to worry about lost paperwork.

You can be up and running and on track in a few minutes. Signup free today at