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November 08, 2022

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I'm excited to share a few new features that have been added to the Shop and Dispatch apps.

Fleet Command Shop

1. Pre-trip Inspections - your drivers can now create pre-trip inspections. Create custom inspections for each asset type (truck, trailer, etc) or stick with a default. (This feature needs to be turned on under settings.)

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Watch How to Add Inspections Video

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Watch How to Inspect an Asset Video

2 . Add odometer readings from the web - this has been available in the mobile app for awhile. Now you can do it from the website too.


3. Work order history chart - Want to get a feel for how much maintenance is happening to vehicles and equipment over time? Asset profiles now chart assets' work order history.


Fleet Command Dispatch

1. Drag and drop deliveries - in the dashboard daily view, you can now drag and drop to change load delivery order.

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Watch How to Order Deliveries Video

2. Delivery sorting - you can filter deliveries by customer in the web app


3. Customer facing notes - add customer facing notes to your receipt in the mobile app. This optional feature can be turned on under settings.


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