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Fleet Command Inventory makes it simple to manage your parts inventory, equipment and supplies.

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Do you find yourself...

  • Struggling to monitor stock levels and timely replenish inventory?
  • Wasting time searching for parts in your shop due to disorganized storage?
  • Finding it time consuming to add or remove parts?
  • Needing a solution for mechanics to easily pull parts while working on specific work orders?

Our customers no longer struggle with...

  • Losing track of inventory levels and forgetting to reorder necessary parts
  • Wasting time searching for misplaced parts in their shop
  • Over ordering expensive parts because "I couldn't see it"
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of inventory management
  • Experiencing job delays due to unavailable items
Organized Inventory

With Fleet Command Inventory, you get....

  • Inventory Item Details (cost, quantity, location and more)
  • Link Similar Parts from Multiple Vendors
  • Inventory Photos
  • Categorize Inventory for Faster Lookup
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Integration with Our Shop App and Work Orders
  • Barcode and QR Code Scanning
  • Scanning Inventory with Phone Camera or Handheld Scanner
  • Printable Custom QR Codes for Every Item
  • Low Inventory Alerts
  • Inventory History Reports
  • Equipment Checkin/Checkout
  • Equipment Checkin/Checkout History
  • Dedicated Inventory Mobile App

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fleet Command Inventory?

Fleet Command Inventory is an inventory management system designed for tracking items, monitoring stock levels, and maintaining an organized and efficient inventory for businesses working with trucking and heavy equipment fleets.

How does Fleet Command Inventory help with parts tracking?

Fleet Command Inventory allows you to monitor stock levels, track when items are used, and receive low inventory alerts, ensuring timely replenishment and minimal downtime.

Can I record photos of items using Fleet Command Inventory?

Yes, you can use the mobile app to capture images of parts for better documentation and visual reference.

Does Fleet Command Inventory provide low inventory alerts?

Yes, Fleet Command Inventory sends alerts when stock levels are low, ensuring timely replenishment and minimal downtime.

Can I track inventory location with Fleet Command Inventory?

Yes, Fleet Command Inventory helps you maintain an accurate record of your inventory's location in your shop, streamlining the retrieval process and improving overall efficiency.

Can I track parts from different vendors using Fleet Command Inventory?

Yes, Fleet Command Inventory allows you to combine inventory data for identical parts from different suppliers, giving you a clear overview of the total stock available.

Does Fleet Command Inventory support barcode scanning?

Yes, you can add or remove parts from inventory by scanning barcodes with your mobile phone's camera or a Bluetooth handheld scanner.

Can I create custom QR codes with Fleet Command Inventory?

Yes, Fleet Command Inventory allows you to generate and print custom QR codes from the app for parts that don't have barcodes.

Is Fleet Command Inventory compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, Fleet Command Inventory has a dedicated mobile app that allows you to manage your inventory using your mobile device. The Fleet Command Shop app allows mechanics to pull parts while attending to work orders.

Fleet Command Inventory Key Features

Parts Management

Always know how much of any part is in stock.

See more about inventory management
Multiple Vendor Support

Group the same part from multiple vendors under a single record

Scan Parts with your Phone

Add and pull parts from inventory by scanning barcodes and QR codes with your phone or other mobile device

Print Custom QR Codes

For easy organization, you can print custom QR code stickers for parts without barcodes.

Low Inventory Alerts

Get notified when parts are low so that you never run out.

Location Tracking

Tag where parts are stored so nothing ever gets lost.

Integrates with our Maintenance App

Using the Fleet Command Shop app, when parts are pulled for a work order, they are attached to the work order and your inventory system is automatically updated.

Equipment Checkout

Keep track of who has equipment at project sites or on the road.

More about checking out equipment

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