Fleet Command Shop Asset Management

Optimize your fleet's asset management with our comprehensive features, available on both browsers and our mobile app.

Track Vehicles and Equipment

Manage all vehicles and equipment in your fleet to ensure you have access to what you need, when you need it.

Track vehicles and equipment

Download Vehicle History Reports

Retrieve detailed vehicle history reports for your files, insurance, or compliance audits.

Download vehicle history reports

Track Important Reminders

Stay informed of crucial reminders, such as federal annuals or registration renewals, to maintain compliance.

Track important reminders

Record Asset Details

Document essential asset information, like tire size, engine and transmission serial numbers, and add unlimited custom items for comprehensive tracking.

Record asset details

View Service History

Access service histories, work orders, and inspection records to stay updated on your fleet's maintenance status.

View service history

Take Pictures of Your Assets

Use the mobile app to capture images of your assets for visual documentation and record-keeping purposes.

Take pictures of your asset

Create RFID Tags

Utilize your phone to generate RFID tags for faster access to vehicle info. Speeding up the process of checkins, recording inspections and adding work orders.

Create RFID tags