Fleet Command Shop Work Orders

Streamline your work order management process with Fleet Command's comprehensive features, available on both browsers and our mobile app.

Add Work Orders

Create work orders from your phone or website. On your phone, you can take photos to add to the report for better documentation.

Add work orders

See What Needs to Be Done

View pending tasks and stay organized, ensuring all maintenance and repair work is addressed in a timely manner.

See what needs to be done

Check-in Equipment

Record equipment check-ins and track current odometer readings to maintain an accurate history of your fleet.

Check-in equipment

Add Work Order Notes

Include important notes and observations to keep all relevant information within the work order and for reporting.

Add work order notes

Assign Work Order to Mechanic

Easily assign work orders to your mechanics, ensuring a smooth workflow and clear responsibilities.

Assign work order to mechanic

Export to PDF

Export work orders to PDF format, allowing you to easily share, archive, or print them for your records.

Export to PDF

Take a Vehicle Out of Service

Mark vehicles as out of service if they are not drivable or operable, ensuring fleet safety and compliance.

Take a vehicle out of service

Record Parts Used

Document the parts used for each work order, maintaining an accurate inventory and facilitating cost tracking.

Record parts used