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How do you handle dispatching?

A notebook? Text messages? Phone calls? A spreadsheet? Keeping all this information organized is tough. There are a lot of moving parts.  

Dispatchers have to keep track of customer requests. They need to let drivers know where to go and what to do. They need to make sure the drivers pick up loads AND at the end, make sure the driver turned in a drop off ticket or receipt

Documents get lost all the time. Or they get damaged. This leads to delayed billing or, sometimes worse, lost money.  Then there is bookkeeping. Bookkeepers and accountants are constantly tracking down load information so they can stay on top of their jobs.

There is a solution

Since December, Fleet Command Dispatch has been running in the real world. Dispatchers are assigning deliveries. Drivers are logging pickups and drop-offs from their phones. Operators are creating digital loads tickets at pickups. Customers are getting receipts. Pricing is tracked. Bookkeeping has instant access to load information. All in one centralized system. Bugs have been worked out.  Drivers and dispatchers have confirmed that the software is easy to learn - it doesn’t get in the way. Our toughest customer - someone who finds working with technology troublesome at best - love’s it. 

AND I’m ready to share it with you.

A “formal” product launch is planned for this summer. In the meantime, full access to Fleet Command Dispatch is absolutely free.  Like our existing products, we won’t ask for a credit card up front. Fill out a simple form and you’re in. No obligation. 

Fleet Command Dispatch will save you hours, improve communications with drivers and customers, and eliminate the headaches of constantly having to stay on top of everything.

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