Recent Fleet Command Product Updates 5/25/2023

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Fleet Command Dispatch - Project Foreman Role 

There is a new Project Foreman role in Fleet Command Dispatch to streamline your load delivery requests. When someone is set up as a Project Foreman, they can request load deliveries, which can then be approved and assigned by dispatchers.

Fleet Command Inventory - Equipment Check-out

Have tools and equipment that your team uses in the field or on the road?The new equipment check-in/check-out feature makes it easier than ever to track who has your fleet's equipment. To enable this feature, simply go to Account Settings and turn it on. You can try it out on the web or from the Inventory mobile app

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Fleet Command Inventory - Hand Scanner Integration

For an even faster and more efficient inventory management experience, you can now connect an approved hand scanner to the Fleet Command Inventory mobile app. The hand scanner can be used for quick parts lookup, equipment check-in/check-out using our custom QR codes, and is integrated with the our new Shopping Cart feature. (see the next item) To enable the Shopping Cart feature, go to Account Settings in the Shop web app..

Fleet Command Inventory - Shopping Cart

Whether you have a dedicated inventory manager who is constantly pulling lists of parts for mechanics or you're looking for a faster way to grab multiple items at a time, the Shopping Cart makes pulling inventory in a busy shop faster.

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