Vehicle Maintenance Reports

Simplify vehicle maintenance reports. Fleet Command makes it easy to keep your records up to date and ready to download at any time.

vehicles' history report
Vehicle Maintenance Record

Written Logs are Messy

Keeping up with paper logs for repairs, inspections, and maintenance can be a real drag. Often, the handwriting is a mess, making them tough to read. Plus, filling out all that paperwork is a hassle - easy to put off or forget entirely.

And when issues do get logged, they usually end up in a pile somewhere. Not exactly the best setup when audit time rolls around and you've got to sort through that mountain of paper.

There is an easier way

With Fleet Command, all your maintenance records are in one spot. Forget about digging through endless piles of paper or squinting at messy handwriting. When you need to show off your records, just download them as a PDF. They’re always up to date and ready when you are, leaving you more time to hit the road instead of hunting down paperwork.

Add Work Order Mobile
Add Work Order Web

Enter Truck Issues from Web or Mobile

Need to log a repair or maintenance issue? Just pull out your phone or hop on your computer. Enter the details, and boom, you're all set. Want to add more context? Snap a photo and attach it to your log. Forget scrambling for a pen and paper or trying to recall every little detail.

Mechanics Manage Truck Issues from Web or Mobile

Your mechanics aren't stuck with old-school paperwork either. Whether they're using a phone or computer, logging issues is a breeze. They can add notes, snap photos, and even tag the issue to a specific driver or vehicle. Once everything’s fixed, they just mark it as complete. Say goodbye to the hassle of decoding messy handwriting or chasing down lost papers.

Mangage Work Order Mobile
Manage Work Order Web
vehicles' history report

All Completed Work is Now Available to Download to PDF - At Anytime

Need a quick look at your repair and maintenance history? No sweat. Everything’s ready to download as a PDF whenever you need it. Just a few clicks and you’ve got all your maintenance logs right at your fingertips.

Main Features

Work Orders

See, track and schedule your fleet maintenance and repair requests all in one place.

Service Plans

It's easy to schedule and implement preventive maintenance based on time or mileage.

Parts & Inventory Tracking

Your team will be more productive and efficient, plus you'll always know what parts are in your shop.

Vehicle Reminders

Fleets can ensure compliance deadlines, such as federal annuals and vehicle registrations, are met and avoid fines.

Driver Reminders

Avoid driver downtime and citations by ensuring that all your drivers are in good legal standing.

Vehicle History Reports

Print a detailed report any time you need it.

Custom Fields

Keep track of vehicle and equipment features that are unique to your company.

Access Anywhere

Our web-based and mobile apps let you access your fleet data from anywhere, on any device.

Fuel Logs

Drivers can log fuel purchases for expense tracking and IFTA reporting.


Our mobile-friendly solution enables drivers to conduct thorough inspections from anywhere, ensuring vehicles are road-ready and compliant with regulations.

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