Why Fleet Command Was Created & How It Can Help You

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It all started in a coffee shop in 2018. My buddy Jon, who owns a trucking company, caught me working on a operations management app for home service contractors and said "I need something like that for my company." We got talking and noticed that some of his technical needs were similar to what I was working on. Jon's biggest problem was staying on top of what's happening at his shop while on the road. Repairs and maintenance were being missed and it was hard to know what was being worked on without talking to someone who happened to be in front of the shop's whiteboard.

It has to be easy to use

The number one goal was that the software had to be easy to use by Jon's drivers. The existing apps out there were overly complicated. He didn't have time to waste on training new drivers and sub contractors on how to use a new tool for submitting vehicle issues.

Can I see everything while I'm on the road?

When things are busy or drivers are out, Jon needs to be on the road. When planning dispatch, Jon needed to know if any of his vehicles were out of service for the day's jobs. The Fleet Command - Shop mobile app was built to help owners get access to fleet health while on the road. The app allows you to view vehicle maintenance logs and service records from the palm of your hand.

Having compliance reports would save a ton of time.

Like many fleet owners, finding the time to organizing paper repair records is difficult. Jon's desk would fill up with paper work that he would eventually have to get to. Fleet Command greatly reduces the amount of time spent on compliance reporting. No longer do you need to manually record activities and events on paper folders. 

Fleet Command keeps repair and service history available at any time. These reports are stored electronically, so they are more accessible than with paper folders. Having these documents stored in one place means that information is readily available if needed.

Let's make it available for everyone

Fleet Command started out with the idea to help one company, but as we worked through the idea and tested it in their environment, we found that others were interest. So, with Jon's blessing, it was made available for everyone.

Fleet Command will make a significant difference to your operation. It will keep you on top of shop activity and more, wherever you are. Never miss a repair and save time spent tracking issues and phoning/texting the shop to find out what’s happening. Now there is a better way…