5 Ways to Cut Your Paperwork with Load Dispatch Software

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Paperwork is a pain.

If you're a bulk materials hauler, load dispatch software can help you cut down on the amount of paperwork you have to deal with. You'll be able to assign loads to drivers, get mobile app ticketing receipts, export your load activity data to Excel, and track the load activity of your drivers in real time.

Here are five ways Fleet Command Dispatch will help you cut down on paperwork:

  1. Assign loads to drivers online: With load dispatch software, you can assign loads to drivers so they know exactly what they're supposed to haul and where.  And nothing needs to be handed to them.

  2. Get mobile app ticketing receipts: The Fleet Command Dispatch mobile app lets you issue paperless tickets so your customers don't need a printed or hand written ticket. This saves them time and money!

  3. Export load activity: You can export all of your load activity data into Excel so it's easy for you to transfer data to other systems. 

  4. Track load activity in real-time: We've made it easy for you to track load activity in real-time - meaning no more waiting until you get a call or text to know where your loads and drivers are.

  5. Manage load pricing: We have tools that allow dispatch managers to track trucking hours and/or material pricing. The pricing can then be sent to accounting for billing.

If you're ready to start taking control of your dispatching paperwork, click here to see what Fleet Command Dispatch can do.