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Take Control of Your Fleet Maintenance

Manage Your Fleet Easier and Faster

Keep Your Fleet Healthy and Running Into 2023

Your fleet is the backbone of your business, so it’s essential to keep it healthy and running for the long haul. You need to keep up to date with repairs and maintenance. Time off the road costs money. Poorly maintained vehicles are dangerous.

How do you track things now? Whiteboard? Handwritten notes? Text messages?

You know you need to lock down your shop's process. But who has the time to start something new? YOU DO. You keep putting things off. Work keeps piling up. But, beginning a new process doesn't have to be hard.

With Fleet Command, you’ll have the tools you need to manage your fleet maintenance and ensure your vehicles are ready for this year and beyond. AND, it is EASY to get started.

You don't have time to train everyone on a new tool

Your time is limited. Fleet Command was built so you, your drivers and your mechanics can get up in running on the basics fast. There isn't a lot to set up to get started - add some vehicles and equipment (just need a name, like Truck 123, to get started), add drivers and mechanics, and get going. Your team will get notified of with everything they need.

Overtime, you can take advantage of everything else - important reminders, service plans, and asset details to name a few.

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Take control of your fleet maintenance today and get your maintenance tracking in order for 2023.

Are you against streamlining your fleet maintenance?

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