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Leave behind the chaotic world of text messages, whiteboards, Excel spreadsheets, and random paper notes. Welcome to Fleet Command, where everything is streamlined into a single platform — managing service schedules, tracking maintenance, and more, all in one place.

Truck Maintenance Journey

Keep everyone on the same page

Experience unparalleled oversight of your entire fleet's maintenance journey, from start to finish. Fleet Command offers real-time updates and seamless communication, enabling your team to access and engage with vehicle statuses instantly.


Manage compliance

Staying compliant is crucial. With FMCSA regulations, vehicle registrations, insurance, and permits all requiring attention, our platform keeps you always up-to-date. It reminds you of key compliance deadlines, helping you maintain vehicle maintenance reports and meet regulatory requirements with ease.

Main Features

Work Orders

See, track and schedule your fleet maintenance and repair requests all in one place.

Service Plans

It's easy to schedule and implement preventive maintenance based on time or mileage.

Parts & Inventory Tracking

Your team will be more productive and efficient, plus you'll always know what parts are in your shop.

Vehicle Reminders

Fleets can ensure compliance deadlines, such as federal annuals and vehicle registrations, are met and avoid fines.

Driver Reminders

Avoid driver downtime and citations by ensuring that all your drivers are in good legal standing.

Vehicle History Reports

Print a detailed report any time you need it.

Custom Fields

Keep track of vehicle and equipment features that are unique to your company.

Access Anywhere

Our web-based and mobile apps let you access your fleet data from anywhere, on any device.

Fuel Logs

Drivers can log fuel purchases for expense tracking and IFTA reporting.


Our mobile-friendly solution enables drivers to conduct thorough inspections from anywhere, ensuring vehicles are road-ready and compliant with regulations.

Adding Work Orders

Managing work orders is at the heart of fleet maintenance. Whether you're using our web or mobile app, adding work orders is a breeze. Our intuitive interface makes it simple for your team to get up and running quickly.

Handling Work Orders

Mechanics find managing work orders with Fleet Command straightforward. With a few taps or clicks, mechanics can handle maintenance tasks from anywhere, ensuring timely and accurate service as well as clear, always up to date documentation for your records.

Service Plans

With the ability to create multiple, customizable service plans, you can cater to the specific needs of each asset in your fleet. Our system allows you to set flexible maintenance schedules based on various criteria such as miles, hours, days, or weeks, ensuring optimal planning and upkeep of your vehicles.

Service Plans

Vehicle History Reports

Whether it's for internal records, compliance audits, or insurance claims, having instant access to a vehicle's full history simplifies and enhances your fleet management process, making it more efficient and transparent​. With Fleet Command, your vehicle history info is always up to date.

Vehicle History Report

Alerts & Reminders

Keep track of crucial dates and deadlines with reminders for federal annual inspections, vehicle registration renewals, medical card and driver's license expirations, as well as insurance and warranty policy renewals. Never miss an important deadline, maintaining the legal and operational integrity of your fleet while easing the administrative burden.

Important Reminders

What customers are saying

We have found that the simplicity of Fleet Command is really what drives us to make full use of its features. Some software brands are too complex, and would take too long to implement. Fleet Command has allowed us to hit the ground running both from an inventory management side and a fleet management side.

K&J Tree Service

K&J Tree Service

My drivers and mechanics use Fleet Command every day to track truck maintenance. I love having instant access to my fleet's status and knowing all of our maintenance information is always available.



Fleet Command makes it easy to stay on top of maintenance. Having instant access to equipment status has saved me a ton of time.

Daniels and Sons Construction

Daniels and Sons Construction

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